Truth About Breast Actives: Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, Dosage, Pricing and Much More

If you wish to enlarge the size of your breasts or enhance the appearance, you must have heard about enhancement surgery. Although most ladies believe that this is the only viable solution, this is not true. There are better, more effective and safer products in the market that you can use. One such effective and popular breast enlargement program is breast actives.

What is breast actives?

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It is a breast enlargement program that involves two delivery systems, natural breast enlargement cream, and pills which acts as a nutritional supplement. This product was launched in 2002 and has gained a lot of recognition since then.

Breast Actives has caught the attention of many respected media houses and both national and international TV programs including CNN, ABC News, FOX news and CBS among others. It has also been featured in many beauty magazines which speak for its effectiveness as a breast enlargement program.


Unlike various breast enlargement products in the market today, Breast Actives is made up of all natural ingredients that are tested and certified as safe for use by FDA. It comprises of powerful natural herbs that are perfectly blended to provide optimal results.

The natural components present in Breast Actives cream include:

  • Saw palmetto
  • Wild yam
  • Chamomile
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    Avena sativa
  • check
    Pueraria Mirifica
  • check
    Red clover
  • check

Natural ingredients of pills include:

  • Blessed thistle Root
  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • check
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    Dandelion root
  • check
    Watercress leaves

Blessed thistle, fennel, and fenugreek are rich in phytoestrogens which contain essential chemicals such as estrogen. Estrogen aids in the developments if tissues for breast and milk production.

Pueraria Mirifica and Saw Palmetto contained in Breast Actives cream help to nourish the breast muscles to achieve softer and firmer breasts. All these ingredients have a significant role to play in getting your breast from an 'A' cup to a 'C' cup.

Who should use Breast Actives?

If you fall in any of the following categories then Breast Actives is the suitable solution for you:

  • You are a beauty enthusiast seeking an alternative to breast enhancement surgery to enhance the appearance of your breasts
  • Your boobs lack fullness or sag either due to age or drastic weight loss
  • You are unsatisfied with the size of your boobs and therefore want bigger, round and bustier boobs.
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    Your boobs failed to develop fully or in the usual way during puberty
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    You wish to maintain your youthfulness using a safer procedure

Does Breast Actives work? How does it work?

After reviewing the customer comments on Breast Actives official website and other reliable forums, we are confident that this product lives up to its claim, and it’s worth a shot. Women have praised the fantastic results associated with this product when it comes to increasing your breasts size, enhancing their shape and rejuvenating the skin on and around your breast.

However, these results do not come easily. You need to be dedicated to follow the right dosage and strictly adhere to the workout guideline that comes along with the products.

Breast Active usage

The proper use of this product involves a three-step holistic approach:

1. Take the pill

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As aforementioned, Breast Actives pills contain all natural ingredients that are affluent in essential nutrients such as phytonutrients, phytoestrogens, and diosgenin to aid in breast enhancement. You are recommended to take at most one pill daily.

When taking the pills, avoid any carbonated drinks like soda, drinks like coffee and tea or any spicy foods. Consider taking the pills with water or fruit juice.

2. Apply the cream

Other than swallowing the pills, you need to apply the Breast Actives cream daily. There is no recommended time when you should use the cream. But consider selecting a convenient time and try to maintain the exact time every day. If possible, do apply the cream after a hot bath since it helps to open the skin pores for quicker absorption.

Take a significant amount of the Breast Actives cream on your fingertips, and gently massage your boobs with the cream. This will help to enhance blood flow to your boobs and aids in the proliferation of fatty tissues around your breasts.

3. Recommended workout exercises

Lastly, you are required to practice some regular body exercises and frequently massage your breast to boost blood flow further and help your boobs become firmer. If you are unsure of the viable exercises, refer to your Breast Actives package. All in all, do not forget to get a good sleep. Preferably at least 6 hours daily to boost your overall body health.

Also, it’s essential that you observe healthy eating. Healthy foods facilitate tissue buildup and promote the production of cells to better your chances for impressive results. Lean meat and vegetables are very useful during this duration.

Breast Actives Side Effects?

The manufacturer does not outline any side effects though users have cited some issues after using Breast Actives. Some report having allergic reactions, in the form of a rash when they use the cream. However, this is common for ladies with extra sensitive and dry skin.

Others experience itching or tenderness of the skin. But this is nothing to worry about, most of these reactions are normal and usually fade away with continued use of the product.

You may also experience mild constipation or loose stool within the first few days. This is also normal and results from your body’s reaction to the new herbs. If such reactions persist, consider minimizing the dosage, discontinuing the use of the products and consult a specialist.

Breast Actives FAQ’s

Where can I buy Breast Actives products?

There are various Breast Actives dealers on eBay and Amazon. However, you might encounter several scammers on these websites posing as legit dealers only to sell you unsafe imitations that are ineffective or harmful to your health.

We would, therefore, advise you to purchase these products from their official website only. You will not only be assured of safe products but also benefit from their 90 days money-back guarantee policy.

How long should I use the product?

The recommended period of usage is 5 to 6 months. Significant results will begin to show after one month, and some ladies report impressive achievements within the first three months of its usage. But for optimal results, consider using it for the full five months.

Are the results temporary or permanent?

The breast enhancement results you get after using this product are permanent. Once you have reached your natural limit, you will maintain the results, and you need not have to use the product anymore. But remember your breast size might be affected by hormone secretions with time.

Does it cause breast over development?

Contrary to the fear of many women, Breast Actives does not cause overdevelopment of boobs. Instead, it promotes bigger, firmer and bustier boobs that are proportional to your body shape and size,

Will Breast Actives cause weight gain?

No, unlike other body supplements you will experience no overall body weight gain from Breast Actives products. This product is specially designed to facilitate growth only within your chest area in a controlled manner.

How much does Breast actives cost?

According to the manufacturer's website, a one month supply goes for $59.95, three month’s supply goes for $119.90 and $179.85 for five month’s supply. You are recommended to purchase this product from their official website to guarantee you the best Breast Actives prices on all products.

Is it safe?

Breast Actives is safe for use simply because it utilizes all natural ingredients that are tested and certified by the US FDA. It is manufactured according to the standards outlined by FDA to guarantee quality and safety. Furthermore, all herbs contained in Breast Actives products are listed as safe by the Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS.

Final words

After careful consideration of the ingredients used in the manufacture of Breast Actives and having analyzed the breast actives reviews, we are confident that this product works and is safe for consumption.

No need for sleepless nights or having low self-esteem due to your breast size or shape. Visit Breast actives official website today, get your product and enjoy the impressive lasting results.

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