Herbs To Enhance Your Breast for Natural Beauty

If you want to make a change, for your complete cake-up, the primary step will boost up your breasts with attractive curves. In this context, you can think for surgeries. But, no, because surgeries are complicated and can disturb your next life with its side effects. So, I am here to tell you about some magical herbs which can enlarge your breasts, just like magic. I will discuss some pills also in the next part of this post, containing these herbs in forms of pills, without making any hazardous side effects. Let me, come to the point.

How Herbs Can Enlarge Your Boobs?

To a girl, the magic hormone is estrogen. When it has a plentiful amount of your blood, it can help you with your physical and mental growth, including a large curved breast. But, in our present life, increasing stress, busy schedule interrupts normal circulation of hormones including estrogen. After some ages, this female hormone stops their functions also. To make a substitute for the normal female hormone, you can hunt for some herbs containing phytoestrogen. In teenage, these phyto hormone triggers the functioning of estrogen. Old aged ladies can use these herbs to increase breast size. If you intake these herbs directly or with some recipes, these phytoestrogens will be directly added to your blood and circulated within blood fluids. As these phytoestrogens mimic estrogen hormones in its organic nature along with chemical structure, easily start their action and can surprise you through making your boobs large and totally curved.

Some herbs and how you can use them

Now, I will tell you about some herbs along with in taking procedures to increase your breast size.

1] Fenugreek leaves (Trigonella foevum-gruesome)

Fenugreek leaves

Fenugreek is a normal herb, which has photo-estrogen contents. It’s found to be present in the Asian subcontinents.

You can intake leaves with some curry type recipes like Indians. Otherwise, you can apply the paste of leaves over your breasts or apply the fenugreek powders on your boobs. It can help you to enlarge your boobs. Moreover, these leaves increase Prolactin synthesis in the breast after giving birth to a baby.

2] Saw palmetto leave extracts (Urtica diocia)

Saw palmetto leave extracts

It's one kind of palm tree, abundantly present in the USA, U.K. You can use saw palmetto supplement pills or use the saw palmetto like the tea also. This herb can increase your breast by negating the dull effects of testosterone in the female body. Sometimes, the presence of this male hormone causes small shapeless breast, unwanted hairs which effects can be removed by Saw palmetto.

3] Fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fennel seeds

This herb, you can find in almost all the corners of the earth. Fennel seeds contain a large number of Flavonoids. This organic compound mimics the estrogen effect. You can drink it as steeping in boiled water or boiling it with cod liver oil until it becomes red in color. Then, you can apply the seeded oil on your breast. Surely, it will enhance the size and firmness of your breast.

4] Dong quai Leaves & stem (Angelina sinensis)

Dong quai Leaves & stem

This herb is present in a high amount in the USA and UK. You can easily take it like tea. Supplements of this tea are available in the market. These leaves and stems have Progesterone, which will help you for enlargement of boobs, blood pressure problem, constipation and others.

5] Watercress leaves (Nasturtium officinale)

Watercress leaves

This is an aquatic herb, found to be present in all over America and Europe. This leave has magical ownership of feminine hormones Estrogen and Progesterone. So, it has the awesome power to develop a firm, bold breast for you. You can take this leave as a part of salad or sandwich. If you do not tolerate its taste, then you can go for market where many supplements available of Watercress to beautify your breast.

Here I have discussed herbs to increase your breast size. But, it is a question that is it possible to search these herbs or apply it within our so much busy schedule? Then what to do? I can suggest you about some best market available herbal pills comprised of these herbs in the next part.

Some Pills Made Of Herbs To Increase Your Breast Size

Breast actives, Brestrogen and Total curve are three best pills which can give a bust to your boobs.

1] Breast Actives

This is an herbal supplement of Fennel, Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, Dong Quai inadequate amount. You can use it as a capsule twice a day just after your meal and you can apply the cream on your breast. Breast actives is clinically tested that having no side effect. You can make an online order through manufacturer's official website. You can choose some discount if you make a monthly pack for $59.89, 3 month pack for $119.90 and five month pack for nearly $180. It is a guaranteed product without any side effect but only not consumable for pregnant or new mothers.

2] Brestrogen

It is the cream which can give you a great self-confidence with your busty boobs. Brestrogen is made up of Pueraria mirifica along with Vitamin E. This cream can give you a break like cosmetics surgery. After this, please make an order on the official website to make a blush on your breast. Single, double and triple boxes are available in $74.90, $149.70 & $225 is waiting for you. Apply on your breast after morning both and before you sleep at night.

3] Total curve

It is a total panacea with capsule, gel and physical exercise tips. Total curve contains Fennel seeds, Dominica and Wild Yam leaves. Silver package, platinum and diamond packages of $69.95, $179.95, and $299.95 are waiting for your online order in the manufacturer's website. Not only increasing cup size of your breasts but also you get a surprise gift of smooth sexual life without vaginal dryness. But it is a caution, if you feel a redness or etching in your breast, contact your doctor.

Just pick any one of the deals, waiting for you. Give a surprising bust to your boobs. These are the best innovation through research and development that use herbs to increase your breast size.

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